A One-Click Site is a fully automated, designed rendition of existing SMB content on a responsive and SEO-optimized website. The product requires little to no manual fulfillment work as the website is 100% automatically generated based on existing, structured content which is then placed on a One-Click Site template. The result is a professional and search engine-friendly website in which the navigation is done by anchor tags. 

One-Click Sites Generator

One-Click Sites are created through the One-Click Sites Generator, which settings you can configure in RAI. Learn more about the One-Click Sites Generator Settings Configuration here!

GIF of One-Click Site Generation Process

Content Sources

The content source for One-Click Sites can be a directory profile, Facebook Page, Central Index, Google Places or any other structured data source. Some content sources also feature two-way sync, which means changes in the content in the source destination can trigger an update of the same content on the One-Click Site, and vice-versa.

Look & Feel

In the One-Click Sites Generator you will be given the choice between two template variations with a fixed font. You can then choose a base color for the generated site: by choosing a single color, a three tone color palette will be created which will be used across the different elements in the site. A hero image is automatically placed at the top of the page; if no suitable image is provided via the content source or the SMB's Facebook page, then an image can be added from the Global Data interface from either your own image library or from an external image provider.

2. Editing one-click sites

After generation, all content on a One-Click Site can be centrally edited in a simplified version of the editor, with access to the extensive list of Global Data. However, keep in mind that the design, layout and structure of the page are fixed and cannot be edited. Editing these elements requires upgrading the subscription of the One-Click Site, from which it would be possible to unlock full access to styling and content options.

Screenshot of the Global Data section in One-Click Sites

3. Global data

The most important section when editing your One-Click Sites is the Global Data section, which you can find under the Content tab. Global Data is a powerful and time-saving feature that allows you to reuse common and important business information as shortcuts, saving you time when editing your website content. One-Click Sites have pre-added global data nodes along their template; by modifying the content on this section, the content will then be automatically modified in all the relevant modules on your One-Click Site that refer to each specific global data node, e.g. changing Company Name will change all the Company Name nodes across the site automatically. The more content you add, the more complete the website will be. Read all about Global Data here!


The first set of Global Data refers to general business information, such as logo, cover image, company name, address details, company description and conversion goal. Note that the different conversion goals - neutral, email, phone and deal - will result in small changes to the design of the site, in order to motivate a specific action.

Image of different design changes depending on Conversion Goal

  • Opening Hours The next set of Global Data refers to the business opening hours, where you can specify your different opening hours through out the week and even on special occasions.

  • Structured Lists The next set of Global Data refers to structured lists, where you can add create list to keep data readable and organized.

  • Gallery The next set of Global Data refers to gallery, where you can upload different images that you wish to show on a gallery on your website.

  • Websites The next set of Global Data refers to websites, where you can insert the link for relevant websites that you might want your visitors to check.

  • Social The next set of Global Data refers to your social media channels; create new social media links by adding your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

  • Videos The next set of Global Data refers to videos, where you can upload relevant videos through their URL and display them on your site.

  • Reviews The next set of Global Data refers to reviews, where you can manually add reviews, including a rating, that you might want to display on your site.

  • Payment Methods The next set of Global Data refers to payment methods, where you can specify which Payment Methods your business supports, if relevant.

  • Downloads The next set of Global Data refers to downloads, where you can upload files that will be available for your visitors to download.

  • Legal The next set of Global Data refers to legal business specific information, which would be accessible to read from a small link in the footer of your site.

  • Custom Finally, in the last set of Global Data you can add custom Global Data, allowing you to customize the global content, adapting and supporting it to your personal needs.


The next section under the Content tab is the File Manager, which functions as a media library for your images and downloadable files. With this tool it is possible to have a general overview of all the media being used on your site as well as edit your image's details, such as ALT Attribute Text, keywords and author, if applicable. To have a complete overview of the File Manager options, click here!

Screenshot of File Manager section in One-Click Sites

5. 301 Redirects

Under the Content tab you can also find 301 Redirects. In this section it is possible to manage all your 301 Redirect rules from a single place. 301 redirects are a permanent redirect from one URL to another; this means that if you have old URLs that you wish to maintain their SEO value, you can redirect them to your new One-Click Site. Read all about how to use the 301 redirect feature here!

Screenshot of 301 Redirects section in One-Click Sites


You can find the Settings tab on the top menu of the editor. This tab has a lot of different options that affect the way you manage your site and how your visitors view the site. For a detailed explanation of each setting, click here.

Screenshot of the Settings tab in One-Click Sites

  • Editor Language This setting allows you to change the language of the editor interface.

  • Google Page Speed This setting allows you to enable automatic optimization of your site according to the Google's Page Speed Insight tool.

  • Date and Formats This setting allows you to edit the date and time formats, where you can choose exactly how to display date and time strings.

  • Global HTML This setting allows you to add global HTML tags to your One-Click Site.

  • Google Analytics This setting allows you to export a full range of highly detailed statistics about your traffic and visitors to your own Google Analytics account.

  • Favicon This setting allows you to easily add your own unique favicon to your site.

  • Cookie Notification This setting allows you to enable/disable the top bar overlay with a message about accepting/disallowing tracking cookies. It is also possible to choose the type of notification, customize its text and button.

  • Enable Public Preview This setting allows you to enable a public preview link that you can share with clients or other interested parties, without the website being published.

  • Editing Mode This setting allows you to enable "Advanced Editing Mode", giving you access to the full design power of the editor. However, this setting is only relevant if you have access to the Build section - which you can only obtain by upgrading your One-Click Site.

  • SSL (HTTPS) This setting allows you to enable or disable HTTPS:// redirection for the domain with a SSL order.

  • Automatic Language Detection This setting allows you to define whether the editor should automatically display the site in the language that fits the language of a visitor's browser.

  • Disable Auto-Publish This setting allows you to stop site from auto-publishing when a global data change is detected within a third-party application.

7. CRM

Mono's CRM solution allows you to manage your data and business relationships. The CRM features available on the One-Click Site subscription are rather limited: it is possible to create users, organize them in groups and send a maximum of five email campaigns. If you want to benefit from all the CRM features, you must upgrade your subscription. Read everything about our CRM solution here!

8. apps

You can find Apps on the top menu of the editor. This section allows you to easily and successfully integrate your website with different apps. Read all about the different integration apps here!

Screenshot of the Apps tab in One-Click Sites

  • Facebook App Manager This app allows you to automatically synchronize your site's pages and global data to your Facebook page.

  • Uberall Synchronization Manager This app allows you to easily integrate your website with your Uberall location.

  • Google App Manager This app allows you to easily integrate your website with your Google My Business page.

  • Yext Synchronization Manager This app allows you to easily integrate your website with your Yext location.

9. preview & publish

At any given time, the editor gives you the possibility to preview the One-Click Site so you can have a global picture of the different settings you are implementing. When you are totally finished and want to put your site live and online, simply press the Publish option. To read more in-depth descriptions of the publish and preview features, click here!

Screenshot of the Preview Feature in the editor