Mono Academy

Get the best out of Mono.

The Mono Academy is here to help you understand and approach all aspects of site creation, publishing and management in the best and most efficient way.

We also want to help you get the most out of your design and fulfillment process, as well as provide some tips, tricks and inspiration.

Best Practice

Get to grips with some of the basics of design and some of the theory behind your site,  brands and how you should approach making websites with Mono.

Coming very soon!


Gain an understanding of how our system works, how the templates are put together and how you can use it all to make the best sites in the shortest time.

The Manual

A searchable reference for every single element and section in our editor.

If you need help with a specific element, or are wondering how to use a particular setting that you've found, then chances are it'll be in here.

Open Manual

Tips & Tricks And INSPIRATION

Check out the latest tips and tricks for those special features and find out how we've achieved a particular effect on our own templates. Get the most out of Mono and become a master of our editor!

Tips & Tricks Inspiration