How to configure the One-Click Site Generator

One-Click Sites are created through the One-Click Site Generator. The Generator consists of different elements that, when combined, creates a website that requires no to little fulfillment. You have the opportunity to configure these elements in RAI to suit your specific production needs.

You can change the settings of the Generator in RAI under Admin > One-Click Sites.

Settings overview

Following is an overview of the different configuration settings of the Generator.

Settings 1-3

1. Branding Logo

The branding logo is located in the top left corner of the Generator and allows you to brand the One-Click Site Generator with your company logo. Fill in a URL pointing to your branding logo to change it.

2. Large cover image/Can see cover image

The Generator has a large cover image included as default (see screenshot above). However, you can add your own image by adding a URL pointing to your chosen cover image.

You have the opportunity to disable the cover image if you don't find it relevant. Select 'no' if you want to disable the cover image. 

3. Can change layout type  

The layout type refers to the layout width of the website which can be either full or fixed width. You have the opportunity to remove the option to choose the website layout. Select 'no' if you don't want the layout option to appear on the Generator.


4. Allow spot color

The Generator gives you the opportunity to select a main color for the One-Click Site. It then automatically creates a light and a dark version of that color and applies them on the site. If you don't want the color option on the generator, select 'no'.

5. See 'Show more results' button

The 'Show more results' button will appear if you search for a data source and it returns more than 10 results. Select 'no' if you don't want the 'Show more results' button to appear on the Generator.

6. Search button text

In this field you can define the text that you want to appear on the Search Button on the Generator.


7. Can update personal information 

The information that is collected through structured data is fed into the Generator. Users have the opportunity to modify this information directly on the Generator in the text fields. Select 'no' if you don't want to give users the opportunity to manually update information on the Generator.

8. Can see published site URL

Select 'no' if you don't want the published URL to be visible on the Generator.

Selecting Editor version

If the New Editor Interface has been enabled on your account and you also have access to the V5 interface, the One-Click Site Generator configuration will include two extra settings.

Can select the version to use:
if yes, the person creating the One-Click Site will be able to select on the One-Click Site Generator if they want the website to be started on V5 or "II" (improved interface). If no, the website will be started directly on the selected default and the user will not be able to select version.

Default Editor to create site with: if you have selected No in the previous setting, this option decides which of the two Editor versions the website will be started on.