Adding module groups and pages

All Mono templates come equipped with a wide range of module groups and page layouts that you can use on your website.

A module group is a combination of modules that we've assembled, making sure it inherits Global Styling properties and stacks right on all the viewports. All the pages we have created consist of a variety of different module groups put together. Using module groups makes it easy and fast to change the layout of your pages without having to drag in new modules and make sure they are styled right. 

Where do I find the module groups?

All three template types (master, style, vertical) come with a large number of module groups that you're free to use. In the page tree in the Editor, look for a page named "Groups". Expand it and you'll be able to view all our pre-designed module groups, divided into categories. 

There are five main categories of module groups to choose from: 

Conversion campaigns
Designed to immediately catch the visitor’s attention, this type contains different conversion-driven calls to action, such as mail forms, click to call, etc. These groups are mainly intended to be placed on central parts of a website, for example at the top of the home page and on campaign pages.

Product galleries
Image, text and button-based combinations in various column arrangements and with different numbers of products in each. Different gallery variations are available too.

Teaser columns
A range of different text, image, icon and button combinations grouped into 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns. The teaser groups can both be used for linking to other pages with different content or products, or simply stand on their own. Teaser groups are predominantly intended for use on the home page and link out to subpages on the website.

Testimonials / Contact / Staff
Various columns-based combinations of testimonials, contact information and staff groups. Ideal for both home pages, Contact and About Us pages.

These groups contain from 4-8 list items and are ideal if you, for example, want to list your products or services on your home page. 

How do I add a module group on my pages?

In order to move a module group from one of the category pages, you'll need to first copy the entire row you want to use (each module group takes up one row). 

Head to the page where you want to add the module group and paste the row. 

You can always delete any rows you don't want by clicking Delete from the row menu.

Copying in entire pages

Besides providing pre-designed module groups, we've also created a number of extra pages that you can copy into your navigation structure. These include home pages, about pages, shop pages, blog pages, and many more. Find the additional pages in the page tree in the Editor by expanding "Pages". 

How do I copy pages?

Once you've found a page that you want to add to your website, drag and drop it up into your page structure so that it becomes visible in your navigation menu. Remember to delete or hide any existing pages on the template that you don't want to keep.

Practical example

Let's pretend that you've started a website on our Hotel vertical template. As a default, we've designed it with a brief, descriptive text on the cover image.

However, your client would instead like to have a text with a button clearly displayed on the cover image so it's easy for potential customers to view a campaign offer and head to the Contact page. Instead of changing this manually yourself by deleting and adding modules, you can grab an existing module group from the module group category pages on the template. 

In the page tree in the Editor, expand the "Groups" page and open "1 / Conversion Campaigns". Scroll down an find a conversion-based module group that matches your client's request. 

Copy the entire row...

... head to your home page and paste the row at the top. Delete the previous row. 

Add the text that you want directly on the text and button modules. You now have a brand new home page layout.