Introduction to Mono's Templates

Learn how Mono's templates can help you optimize fulfillment flows and reduce production time. 

As a Mono partner, you have access to our free library of templates designed by our in-house design team. Every template has been carefully designed to inherit Global Styling elements such as colors, font family, text styles, etc., making it extremely easy for you to create a unique visual identity for a website by changing just a few parameters through Global Styling.

Designed for efficient fulfillment

The overall goal of these templates is to enable you to reap the benefits of automation while retaining a high quality standard across your sites. We have already optimized all the templates for the three viewports – desktop, tablet and mobile – and created a range of pre-designed page layouts and module groups that you can copy in anywhere on your website. All you need to focus on is adapting the website’s key visual components (colors, font, buttons, etc.) to match your client’s needs and wishes.

Three template types

To offer you as much flexibility in your design and fulfilment flows as possible, we’ve created three types of templates for you to choose from:

Master template
This is Mono’s own base template on which we’ve built all our other templates. It’s been designed so that everything links up correctly with Global Styling and stacks right on all viewports. Use the master template if you are planning to build your own templates and want to make sure that you have an advanced starting point for doing so. 

Style templates
Style templates are different versions of the master template solely based on design modifications made in Global Styling, typically pertaining to frame and header designs, font family, colors, buttons, text fields, etc. Use style templates for designing your own templates – or start websites directly on them.

Vertical templates
Vertical templates are as close the final website as you can get as they contain images, texts and layouts matching a specific business category, for example beauty studio, electrician, lawyer, and many more. They’re based on the style templates and we’ve changed colors and font in Global Styling, as well as built up the home page using module groups. You can easily adapt them to suit a client’s specific needs by changing colors and font and adding or deleting module groups.

NEW! Now we also offer E-commerce templates for website with a focus on selling products or services online.

Get started

You can preview all our vertical templates at

The templates are available in RAI and ready for you to use. Learn how to start using them on your account here.

Read more about using our pre-designed module groups and page layouts here.