Master template

The master template is based on a design system which ensures that all Global Styling settings inherit and link in the most efficient way, making it the ideal foundation for building other templates on (e.g. for multi-page websites, e-commerce, landing pages, etc.). 

The design system is flexible enough to be adapted for any type of website, from auto-generated to DIY and more customized sites. In other words, it is your best starting point regardless of what type of template you are planning on designing.

Ready-to-use layout elements

The master template comes with a range of pre-designed module groups which can be used as they are or merely serve as inspiration. Using module groups is an easy and quick way to apply a different layout to a page, without having to worry about styling and viewport optimization.

Additionally, the master template includes a number of pre-constructed pages for e.g. Blog, Shop, About and Contact pages. You can easily copy these into your page structure and delete existing pages that you don’t want to keep. Read more here.

Get started

The master template is available in RAI and ready for you to use. Learn how to start using templates on your account here. The master template's ID in RAI is 990771.

Read more about using our pre-designed module groups and page layouts here.