STYLE Templates

Style templates are different versions of the master template solely based on design modifications made in Global Styling.

The changes in Global Styling are typically pertaining to frame and header designs, font family, colors, buttons, text fields, etc. The result is clear-cut designs that you can use as starting points for creating your own templates - or you can start new websites directly on the style templates. 

Working with style templates

Style templates are starting points for creating different designs that can easily be modified to suit specific client needs and requests. As the templates are fully linked up to Global Styling, you can create a website with a unique design identity by simply changing Global Font and Global Spot Color, as well as the module groups and cover image on the home page. Read more here.

Get started

The style templates are available in RAI and ready for you to use. Learn how to start using templates on your account here. In RAI, style templates have the following IDs:

  • 1009525
  • 1009529
  • 1009539
  • 1009545
  • 1022689
  • 1022691
  • 1022693

Read more about using our pre-designed module groups and page layouts here.