Creating Templates

We recommend that you set up and use templates to optimize your production time and to ensure that your designs are up to standard from a quality point of view.

The use of templates will be most effective if you can build them to suit your own product packages and price-points. This generally allows you to make sure that for the lower price-points, you can keep your production time efficient, while still keeping the quality of the websites up.

Time vs Quality graph

Customizing Templates

In order to get the most out of customizing your templates you should consider a few things:

Define Your Goals

Consider your product packages, and how much time you have to create your sites. This is going to determine how deep you will want to go when editing things on your sites.

Define What to Change

You should think about how much you want to change for each design, and how much you will need to do to differentiate one site from the next. Again, this goes hand-in-hand with defining your timescales.

Define Your Styling Steps

Your "Styling Steps" are a set of steps that you will likely want to take over and over for each site you create.

Making a list of steps helps you keep things on track, but also helps anybody else understand what steps you took to get to where you are with the site, and allows for ease of handover, or for others to do the same.

Your goal here is to create the highest quality site, in the least amount of time, so efficiency and a strong set of templates and steps are key.